Proton bei TopGear

  • Ein echt geiles Video! :D
    Aber auch ein viel diskutiertes!
    Denn alle streiten sich darum wer den Proton gefahren ist?
    Wer ist 'The Stig' in diesem Video?

  • Ich hatte doch Recht :p

    " Michael Schumacher 'revealed.
    On 20 June 2009, Jeremy Clarkson revealed in his Sun newspaper column that the Stig would finally show the world his face, in the series thirteen opening episode to be broadcast the next day. Clarkson said that The Stig wished to unmask himself to quash speculation over his identity, stating "He's been fed up with newspapers speculating that he's a photocopier salesman from Bolton, or lives in a pebble-dashed house in Bristol".
    The show first depicted the Stig driving a Ferrari FXX round the test track in a time of 1:10.7 seconds. Afterwards, after walking into the studio and sitting on the green couch, with the audience shouting "Off! Off! Off! Off!", the Stig took his helmet off to reveal he was the former Formula One multiple World Champion Michael Schumacher. In the following interview, Schumacher then played up to some of the supposed defining character traits of the Stig, such as the claim he only knows two facts about ducks (both being wrong), and that he is illegal in nine US states.
    The BBC would initially not confirm or deny it was a just a stunt, but a spokesman was quoted as saying "You have to bear in mind that Top Gear is an entertainment programme. We never reveal who or what The Stig is,". The next day however, The Telegraph wrote: "A spokesman for Top Gear confirmed Schumacher had been The Stig during the Ferrari circuit... But the spokesman added that the identity of the driver at other times would remain "a mystery". "

    War auch irgend wie Logo, das Ferrari in sooo einem Auto den besten F1 Piloten hinter dem Steuer setzt ...! Schumi kennt sich ja mit Ferrari ein bissl aus :D :D :D


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