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    Bist Du dir da sicher? Das Spiel erscheint leider nicht jährlich und es wäre doch ein gefundenes Fressen für die Programmierer wenn sie auf die PS 3 Technik setzen können!

    Auch sehe ich die Entwicklung der PS 3 mit gemischten Gefühlen. Die neue Konsole wird der Überhammer werden und neue schicke Spiele werden veröffentlicht ,die ich leider auch haben möchte.

    Aber wer gibt mir das Geld dafür ? ;(

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    Original von swrt
    Dass es rauskommt steht fest, und die PS3 soll erst Anfang 2006 rauskommen, d.h. dass es also für PS2 rauskommt

    Mfg swrt

    Es gibt zwar noch keine offiziele Bestätigung aber sehr wahrscheinlich kommt der 5. Teil wie gewohnt im Herbst.

  • Quelle: http://home.btconnect.com

    The Sony PlayStation 3 (colloquially known as the PS3) will be the new video game console in Sony's PlayStation series. Currently, PlayStation 3 is estimated to be available sometime in 2006, but recent developments suggest that it may in fact arrive as late as 2007, or as early as fall (October to December) 2005.

    Central Processing Unit

    The PlayStation 3's CPU will be a chip codenamed "Cell", and the system will use chip-to-chip interface technology and memory technology from Rambus. Cell's technical details were released at the February 2005 ISSCC. IBM has won the contract to produce Cell chips for the console. The CPU's supposed distributed processing features have been of great interest to the press, speculation being that many items in the home, with differing numbers of Cell chips, can pool their power. Cell is a dual-core, 64-bit RISC IBM POWER derivative. Early versions of the chip will be 90-nm, with a change to a 65-nm process, if cost and performance allow. Abstracts from presentations to be presented at ISSCC show the Cell processor running at 4.6 GHz.

    Graphics Processing Unit

    In December 2004, Nvidia announced that they have been in a multi-year agreement with SCEI to develop the PlayStation 3's GPU, a cus

    tom variant of their next-generation graphics processor. In fact, they had worked for two years on the chip before making the announcement. They were previously responsible for the GPU in the Xbox console. The GPU will be manufactured at the joint Sony/Toshiba fabrication facility in Nagasaki, Japan.


    Reuters news service reports that Elpida will be supplying the RAM used in the Playstation 3, and the company confirms spectulation that the Playstation 3 will utilize the 512 megabit version (64 Megabyte per RAM chip) of XDR DRAM, with Rambus' interface technology. Up to four can be used per Cell chip, for a maximum RAM figure of 256 Megabytes per Cell Chip.


    As the latest in a series of extremely popular game consoles, anticipation surrounding the PS3 is high. Fans have already started designing images of what they think the console will look like. However, there have not been any official designs publically released by Sony as of yet. Dedicated Sony loyalists have also formed various forums, which they use to discuss all aspects of the next generation gaming system. Sony has announced that the PS3 will appear (possibly in playable form) at E3 in 2005, but will debut ahead of that event.

  • Wird da auch gearbeitet an einer Version für den PC ?(

    Ich hoffe es schon obwohl kein spiel meiner meinung RBR schlagen kann. Aber ich bin sehr gespannt.

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    Original von GallardoGT
    Wird da auch gearbeitet an einer Version für den PC ?(

    Ich hoffe es schon obwohl kein spiel meiner meinung RBR schlagen kann. Aber ich bin sehr gespannt.

    Nein, denn Sony entwickelt bekanntlich nur im Konsolenbereich.


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