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    Having successfully completed the first round of the 6-round Deutsche Rallye Serie (, the Kickastra Rally Team will continue their campaign in the championship by entering the Rallye Bohemia ( in the Czech Republic on July 12-15, 2012.

    The team of Adrian and Jonathan Linton classified as 58th out of 73 finishers and 125 entrants on the DRS season opener Rallye Lužické Hory, which was also based in the Czech Republic. The team unfortunately missed the second round of the DRS, the DMV Rallye Thüringen, as it clashed with the headline event in Barbados - Sol Rally Barbados, where Adrian is based. The team were delighted to be classified as 17th overall and 2nd in class M7 on the event in the debut of the newly self-built Vauxhall Astra SRi at the Sol Rally Barbados.

    The 39th running of Rallye Bohemia is based in Mladá Boleslav, home of the Skoda factory, and is also part of the FIA European Rally Cup Region Central. The three-day rally comprises of a route of 697 kilometres with 16 special stages covering 198 kilometres, including a ceremonial start to on the first day and a side-by-side Super Special to conclude the second day. The team is hoping that the stages will be more twisty and technical, which favour's Adrian's driving style and the team's relatively underpowered car.

    Adrian's son Dominic Linton, himself no stranger to the co-driver's seat, will travel with Adrian to lend support to the team. As always, team friends Team AutoScharf will support the Kickastra Rally Team during the event. The only car preparation needed is a precautionary rebuild of the Proflex front suspension after a wiper seal was cracked after hitting a hidden rock on the Rallye Lužické Hory. This is already fitted, and the car is ready to go!

    Kickastra Rally Team
    Inquiries: [email protected]

    The Kickastra Rally Team will combine rally championships on both sides of the Atlantic in 2012 by entering both local events in Barbados and rounds of the Deutsche Rallye Serie (

    The Deutsche Rallye Serie (DRS) is a national German rally championship run by the ADMV. The series is well subscribed and focuses mostly in the Sachsen area of Germany. The 2012 DRS Championship consists of 6 rounds as follows:

    27.04.2012 - 28.04.2012 1. Rallye Lužické Hory (CZ)
    08.06.2012 - 09.06.2012 2. DMV Rallye Thüringen (D)
    13.07.2012 - 15.07.2012 3. Rallye Bohemia (CZ)
    10.08.2012 - 12.08.2012 4. ADAC Rallye Wartburg (D)
    30.08.2012 - 01.09.2012 5. AvD Niederbayern-Rallye (D)
    02.11.2012 - 03.11.2012 6. (D)

    The first and third rounds will be held in the Czech Republic, where rallying is very popular and well subscribed. The Kickastra Rally Team will not likely enter all rounds but is currently planning to enter the season opener Rallye Lužické Hory. The one day event consists 76km of tarmac as is slated for 27 and 28 April. Adrian will be at the wheel of the team's Opel Astra OPC which has completed three rounds of the WRC and five German rallies. The decision on which further rounds will be entered will be made throughout the season, which may include codriver Jonathan at the controls.

    As with all Kickastra European exploits, team friends Team AutoScharf will provide on event support as they will also be entering the championship in their Opel Astra OPC Turbo with driver Bernd Knuepfer and codriver Alex Hirsch.

    The team will post regular updates on our preparation plans leading up to the rally and will give regular updates from Germany on

    Kickastra Rally Team

    Inquiries: [email protected][/email]

    Onboard - Car #V4 - WP4

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    The Kickastra Rally team will field a two-car team jointly with Team Autoscharf in the largest motorsport event in the Caribbean - Sol Rally Barbados. The close relationship of the Barbados-based Kickastra Team and the German-based Team Autoscharf resulted in a combined team entry in Barbados' leading motorsport event in 2011 calendar.

    Although yet to see action in 2011, the Barbados-based Kickastra Team's Vauxhall Astra GSi is undergoing final preparation for the prestigious event. Delays included late delivery of a refurbished engine, and then in the week leading up to the Shakedown stages rally an electrical fault blew components in the ECU effectively sidelining the team from the event. Quick action from the engine builder, the ECU supplier and the German-based Jonathan resulted in a stockpile of three ECU's and a solution to the electrical fault. Fingers are crossed (or thumbs are clasped down on fists as they do in Germany) that there will be no more setbacks and the team to be on the start line of the King of the Hill event slated for 29 May, 2011.

    On the other side of the Atlantic, the German-based Team Autoscharf have been considering an entry in the event for over a year. The two teams have developed a very close relationship, with Team Autoscharf preparing and supporting the Kickastra team's German-based Opel Astra OPC. Team Autoscharf is lead by Lauter-based Opel and rally technical expert Tobias Scharf and he owns two Opel Astras, one German N3 championship winning Opel Astra similar to the Kickastra's, and one unique 2WD newer N4 Opel Astra OPC Turbo. His team driver is the very quick driver Berndt Knuepfer, and the Kickastra Team had "loaned" their German-based codriver Jonathan Linton for the Sol Rally Barbados to leverage his local knowledge and translation support.

    Both cars now lie side by side in the Kickastra team workshop in Barbados awaiting final setup and preparation for the event. Tobias and his family as well as Berndt and his family will arrive in Barbados on 23 May and will combine rallying with some relaxation, by soaking up the world-renowed sun, attractions and beaches. This is indeed the first event outside of Germany for the Autoscharf Team, despite supporting the Kickastra Rally Team in their WRC adventures.

    The only damper on the high spirits and expectations for the event was the unfortunate crash of the Team Autoscharf's older Opel Astra OPC in the Rallye Sachsen on May 12-14. With a close to 10-year track record of multiple class wins without a major accident, as can happen in the sport, Berndt Knuepfer struck a rock with a wheel in a slow corner, causing the team's Opel Astra to roll and causing major damage. The team is hoping to put this setback behind and focus on some fun and rallying in the sun in Barbados.

    Regular updates prior to, during and after the event will be posted on the team's newly relaunched and updated website, and the team has facilitated coverage by German-based motorsport reporter Anna Neef to gain useful mileage of Chris Meeke's claim of "the best rally in the world".

    Kickastra Rally Team

    BARBADOS 2011

    Die Kickastra Rally Team Feld ein Zwei-Wagen-Team
    gemeinsam mit dem Team Autoscharf in der größten Motorsport
    Veranstaltung in der Karibik - Sol Rally Barbados. Die enge
    Beziehung der Barbados-basierte Kickastra Team und die
    Deutsch-basierte Team Autoscharf resultierte in einem kombinierten Team
    Eintrag in führenden Motorsport Barbados 'Veranstaltung im Jahr 2011

    Obwohl noch nicht tätig geworden im Jahr 2011 zu sehen, die Barbados-basierte
    Kickastra Teams Vauxhall Astra GSi erlebt endgültige
    Vorbereitung für die prestigeträchtige Veranstaltung. Verzögerungen inbegriffen
    verspätete Lieferung eines renovierten Motor, und dann in der
    Woche vor dem Shakedown Rallye Stadien ein
    Fehler in der Stromversorgung blies Komponenten in der ECU effektiv
    Rand gedrängt Team von der Veranstaltung. Schnelles Handeln aus dem
    Motorenbauer, die ECU Lieferanten und dem in Deutschland ansässigen
    Jonathan führte zu einer Halde von drei Steuergeräte und eine
    Lösung für den Fehler in der Stromversorgung. Finger gekreuzt sind (oder
    Daumen nach unten auf Fäusten umklammert, als sie in Deutschland zu tun)
    dass es keine Rückschläge mehr werden und das Team zu sein auf
    die Startlinie des King of the Hill Veranstaltung geplant für
    29. Mai 2011.

    Auf der anderen Seite des Atlantiks, die in Deutschland ansässige Team
    Autoscharf wurden unter Berücksichtigung eines Eintrags in der Veranstaltung
    seit über einem Jahr. Die beiden Teams haben ein sehr
    enge Beziehung, mit dem Team die Vorbereitung und Autoscharf
    Unterstützung der Kickastra Teams in Deutschland ansässigen Opel Astra
    OPC. Team Autoscharf wird geleitet von Lauter-basierte Opel und
    Rallye technischer Experte Tobias Scharf und er besitzt zwei Opel
    Astras, eine deutsche N3 Meisterauto Opel Astra
    ähnlich dem Kickastra's und einer einzigartigen 2WD neueren N4
    Opel Astra OPC Turbo. Sein Team Fahrer ist die sehr schnelle
    Treiber Berndt Knuepfer und die Kickastra Team hatte
    "Ausgeliehen" ihren Sitz in Deutschland Mitfahrer Jonathan Linton für
    Sol Rally Barbados zu nutzen seine Ortskenntnisse
    und Übersetzung zu unterstützen.

    Beide Autos liegen nun nebeneinander in der Kickastra Team
    Workshop in Barbados, die noch endgültig Setup und Vorbereitung
    für die Veranstaltung. Tobias und seine Familie sowie Berndt
    und seine Familie in Barbados am 23. Mai zu treffen, und
    kombinieren Rallyesport mit etwas Entspannung durch Einweichen der
    Welt-renowed Sonne, Sehenswürdigkeiten und Stränden. Dies ist
    in der Tat die erste Veranstaltung außerhalb von Deutschland für die
    Autoscharf Team, trotz Unterstützung der Kickastra Rally
    Team in ihren WRC Abenteuer.

    Der einzige Dämpfer für die gute Laune und Erwartungen für
    der Veranstaltung war die unglückliche Absturz des Teams
    Autoscharf älterer Opel Astra OPC in der Rallye Sachsen
    Mai 12-14. Mit einer fast 10-jährigen Erfolgsgeschichte von
    mehrere Klassensiege ohne einen schweren Unfall, wie
    passieren im Sport, schlug Berndt Knuepfer ein Fels mit einem
    Rad in einer langsamen Kurve, so dass das Team um Opel Astra
    Roll-und größeren Schaden anzurichten. Das Team hofft, setzen
    Dieser Rückschlag hinter und auf etwas Spaß und Rallyesport im Fokus
    die Sonne auf Barbados.

    Regelmäßige Updates vor, während und nach der Veranstaltung wird
    auf das Team gebucht werden neu überarbeitet und aktualisiert
    Website, und das Team hat erleichtert
    Abdeckung durch in Deutschland ansässige Motorsport Reporterin Anna Neef zu
    Verstärkung nützlich Laufleistung von Chris Meeke Behauptung des "besten
    Rallye der Welt ".

    Kickastra Rally Team